Depressed mother jumped from cliff

A MOTHER jumped over the cliffs at Beachy Head following a day trip out with her husband along the Sussex coast.

Julie White had been suffering from sleeping problems in the weeks leading up to her death and had been to her GP on several occasions.

An inquest at Eastbourne Magistrates Court heard that the 46-year-old had been prescribed sleeping tablets but her husband Daniel did not believe they were helping her.

A couple of weeks before she died Mrs White, of Shoeburyness in Essex, tried to cut her wrists but later told her husband she regretted the incident.

The court was told that the Mrs White had concerns about her daughter not attending school and was prescribed further medication and later referred to a psychiatrist.

On May 10 last year the couple decided to go for a drive and ended up heading towards Brighton.

They drove on to Hastings and Mrs White asked her husband if they could visit Beachy Head after seeing signs for the beauty spot.

The inquest heard that after a short walk Mr White was keen to leave as his parking ticket was running out and returned to the car briefly on his own.

A statement read out on his behalf explained how he realised he had left his spouse on her own and returned to see her sitting on the edge of the cliff.

He pleaded with her but Mrs White replied 'I need to finish it' and rolled over on her front. Mr White grabbed hold of her and shouted for help but lost his grip of her.

A post mortem showed she died of multiple injuries.

Police were called to the scene and after speaking to Mr White and other witnesses said they did not regard the death as suspicious.

The inquest heard that she had suffered post-natal depression following the birth of her second child some years ago and had problems sleeping then.

Coroner Alan Craze said she had taken her own life while the balance of the mind was disturbed and added, "As I see it she had successfully overcome a similar sleeping problem at the time of the birth of her second child and there were no other problems until some weeks before her death.

"You would have no idea she was an obvious candidate to be taking her life.

This was wholly and utterly unexpected."