Deportation threat - fresh hope for Eastbourne mum and daughter

Woan Ching with her former partner Dave Luck and the couple's daughter Miyana
Woan Ching with her former partner Dave Luck and the couple's daughter Miyana

A mother and daughter living in Eastbourne and facing deportation have been given fresh hope after what officials say is a “fundamental change” in their circumstances.

Malaysian Woan Ching and her four-year-old daughter Miyana have been at the centre of a battle with the Home Office because while the little girl is a British citizen, her mother is not, and when her relationship with her daughter’s father broke down, her eligibility to remain in the UK was revoked.

An application last year for Woan to remain in the UK was not successful but a fresh application could be submitted as she now has the support of Miyana’s British father Dave Luck and her paternal grandparents.

Officials say that constitutes a fundamental change.

Mr Luck said this week, “I am fully supportive of Woan and her case to remain in the UK. They both need to remain here.”

Mr Luck said he would be unhappy at his daughter having to leave the UK and he would not be able to visit her in Malaysia as he has a brain injury which prevents him flying.

Miss Ching, who is staying in a hostel with her young daughter and does not receive any state benefits, said, “I want to stay here, work hard and create a better life for myself and Miyana.”

The family is also being helped by MP Caroline Ansell, who said, “From my understanding this is a complex issue going back many years. I have offered all the support I and my office can give at this very difficult time.”