Dentist didn’t recognise gum disease problem

Derek Pushman. Dental implant failed and was awarded compensation. June 12th 2012 E24046N
Derek Pushman. Dental implant failed and was awarded compensation. June 12th 2012 E24046N

A PEVENSEY Bay man has received £3,000 after one of his dental implants fell out.

Derek Pushman, 76, received the payout in an out-of-court settlement after his dentist failed to recognise his gum disease before fitting implants, which led to the procedure failing.

Mr Pushman sued Dr Raj Mistry, who at the time was practising from Eastbourne Dental Care in Milfoil Drive, after an implant that he had placed in the upper left side of Derek’s mouth fell out.

Mr Pushman says he does not blame the Langney practice and also told the Herald that Dr Mistry was no longer at the Milfoil Drive dentists and had moved out of the Sussex area.

Kevin Johnson, the current finance director, said he had no involvement in the case and had not heard from Dr Mistry since he sold Eastbourne Dental Care to the current owners in September 2010 before moving to Nottingham.

However, Mr Pushman explained losing one of two implants three months after it had been fitted was a shock.

Mr Pushman said, “I was shocked when the implant fell out as I had never been made aware of any reasons why it might fail.

“It was only when I contacted lawyers that I found out I wasn’t suitable to receive implants.”

Mr Pushman’s lawyer, Christina Bateman from the Dental Law Partnership, said there was evidence Derek had gum disease which Dr Mistry had not treated before placing the implant.

Although one of the implants did stay in place, it was also alleged the implant which fell out would have always failed as there was insufficient bone in Mr Pushman’s mouth for it to stay in place.

Ms Bateman said, “Dr Mistry’s negligence in failing to consider the risks associated with placing implants when there was both gum disease present and also a lack of bone has led to my client having to go through considerable discomfort and inconvenience.”

Derek added, “It is very frustrating. If I had known that it was likely to fail before the treatment, I never would have gone ahead with it.

“I am glad that this has been resolved and that I can move on from this.”

Mr Pushman spent around £6,000 on the two implants and now he says he is pleased he has received half the money back as a result of one of the teeth failing.

Dr Mistry did not admit any liability.