Dementia training for East Sussex NHS

Staff at the East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust will receive dementia training thanks to a £20,000 grant.

Almost 1,200 clinical and support staff at the trust will benefit from the training following a cash award by Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex. This will include porters, ward clerks and housekeepers. Topics covered will include recognising and understanding dementia, interacting with those with dementia and being able to signpost patients affected by dementia to appropriate support.

Elaine Lindfield, dementia care pathway lead for the trust, said, “The prevalence of dementia is increasing and therefore, the number of people displaying symptoms or with a diagnosis of dementia who require the services and care of our acute hospitals, community support and rehabilitation is set to rise significantly.

“This funding will enable us to further develop the understanding, knowledge and skills of many more staff across the Trust, and also inform them of practical and fundamental ways that they can support people with dementia, their carers and families.”