Defendant shouts death threats at magistrates in court

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An Eastbourne man, who waged a nine-year campaign of harassment against two doctors he claims are incompetent, screamed death threats at magistrates who convicted him of harassment telling them he would executed.

Disabled Paul O’Callaghan, 37, of Granville Road, Eastbourne had circulated leaflets calling for the “punishment”, “retribution” and “execution” of named medics, who he also secretly recorded and filmed during consultations.

However, O’Callaghan, who receives disability living allowance for his chronic vestibular disorder, which effects his balance must wait to hear his fate.

He was bailed by the magistrates he made the execution threat against until July 3 for sentencing.

He was convicted at Greenwich Magistrates’ Court of two counts of harassment against Dr Jennifer Quirke and Dr David Golding-Wood between August 2003 and November last year.

O’Callaghan, the self-styled founder of the ‘British Unicorn Party’ was also convicted of two counts of communicating threatening messages between October 2004 and November last year and November 16 and 20, last year.

As he was convicted by the magistrates of all four charges, O’Callaghan screamed at the magistrates from the dock: “I’m going to have you executed. I am going to have the three of you killed when I seize control of this country.”

O’Callaghan has been receiving treatment at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Orpington and claimed the leaflets were not threatening, but merely outlined the aims of the British Unicorn Party.

Some were titled: “Doctors of Evil”, “Fifteen Year Wait For Treatment” and “We Make Complete Cock-Ups On A Regular Basis.”

The court was told that leaflets were pushed through Dr Quirke’s front door and the letterboxes of other hospital staff, who told police they found them: “Extremely nasty, extremely malicious and extremely slanderous.”

They included images of Dr Quirke that O’Callaghan had secretly recorded during appointments and included false claims against both doctors.

“I was a bit shocked at first and upset by what I saw in the leaflets and was concerned,” Dr Quirke told the court from behind a screen. “In 2004 the police had spoken to him and I hoped there would be no further problems.”

Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Golding-Wood only saw O’Callaghan once ten years ago and referred him to the world-leading National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

“I received everything from a single sheet A4 document to 32 pages, some of which contained somewhat threatening and disparaging material,” he told the court, also from behind a screen.

“The author became more robust and used the words punishment, retribution and execution. I was extremely concerned and threatened.”

O’Callaghan told the court he did not know the addresses of hospital employees, but had delivered leaflets in 200 London Borough of Bromley roads because the hospital was within that local authority.

“They were not harassment, they were political party leaflets delivered across the borough to boost our numbers and take over the council and set up a health centre to help the victims,” he said.

“I didn’t know who lived in which house. We were just leafleting every road.

“The reason I recorded the doctors is to show them cover up the mistakes of other doctors.

“The doctors did not like the leaflets, but they were true. Those policy sheets did not carry any threats.”

O’Callaghan claims he quit a promising media career in television production, and his ambition to join the Metropolitan Police was ruined by his medical condition.

He told the court the General Medical Council were not interested in his complaints.

“When my party takes power we will take care of these bodies and these people and lock them up for a very long time,” he added.

Asked by prosecutor Mr William Chipperfield if he would want those people executed O’Callaghan replied: “I wouldn’t rule it out.”

“We also have a policy to execute Keir Starmer the head of the Crown Prosecution Service and I am going to demolish Hendon if I do not get in.

“If anything happens to me all the audio and video recordings are going on the internet.”