Decision over pier’s gold painted domes

Eastbourne Pier (Photo by Jon Rigby)
Eastbourne Pier (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Town planners have made an initial decision over the gold coloured paint domes on Eastbourne Pier.

It looks like the council will be giving pier owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar retrospective planning permission to keep parts of the iconic site gold.

Mr Gulzar has painted lions on 49 lampposts on the pier gold coloured plus 13 domes and pinnacles without planning permission.

The planning committee will meet on Tuesday evening, and officers are recommending that approval be granted - but with conditions.

The report says Mr Gulzar met with officials from the council and Historic England to discuss the application.

He committed at that meeting not to paint any more parts of the pier gold without first seeking consent.

He has also agreed the roof of the Waterfront bar will be repainted a neutral colour.

Historic England has said it will not object providing Mr Gulzar does not undertake any more gold painting.

It acknowledges Mr Gulzar stepped in to buy the pier when it was facing an uncertain future and he has invested in the site.

But it said such painting does cause some harm to the pier’s character and appearance.

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce has raised concerns and says the paintwork looks ‘amateurish.’

There were 65 comments received from members of the public, with 27 objecting. There were 38 letters of support.

The council report says the public interest of the viability of the pier outweighs any harm to the site.

Mr Gulzar said, “I am working closely with Eastbourne Borough Council. Leader David Tutt and the officers have been very supportive.

“I thank them for this report, I note all the various comments, and I look forward to seeing how the planning committee votes on Tuesday.

“I have always said from day one that I want to work with Eastbourne Borough Council - for the good of the pier and the good of the town.”