December date for MP’s legal case appeal

THE long-running legal row between Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd and the man he beat in the election will be thrashed out at the High Court in December.

A date has now been set for the court hearing on Monday and Tuesday, December 17 and 18.

Liberal Democrat Mr Lloyd, who beat Conservative opponent Mr Waterson in the 2010 General Election, is appealing against a ruling by a top judge saying he made defamatory comments about Mr Waterson in election literature.

He was also ordered to pay substantial costs and could potentially face a bill for thousands of pounds in damages to be paid to Mr Waterson.

Mark Elder, who heads up Mr Waterson’s legal team said, “Nigel has not sought to challenge the result of the election, but simply wishes to restore his reputation with the general public and, in particular, the people of Eastbourne. We believe he has a strong case.”

Mr Lloyd said, “I am looking forward to the appeal hearing in December and meanwhile I remain focussed on what has always been my priority, serving the people of Eastbourne and Willingdon.”