Dean’s bid to make Columbo blockbuster

Dean with his hero Columbo
Dean with his hero Columbo

An Eastbourne film buff is behind plans to make a Columbo style film in the town and is appealing for help from fellow fans.

Dean Matthews, known as @DastardlyDeano on Twitter circles around the town, has built up a following of Columbo fans around the world and after making three trailers, written a script now wants to raise £2,500 and more to get a budget feature film into production with local people starring in it and filming at local landmarks.

He said, “Just over a year ago I found on Twitter a lovely bunch of people who had set up their own fan club or appreciation society if you will for the old detective series Columbo. It seemed that these people from all the four corners of the globe would get together once a month on an allotted date, and at exactly the same time, to the second, and all watch an identical episode of Columbo, and then watch and tweet about it as they went. This group calls itself #ColumboTV.

“I joined in and soon realised it was lots of fun and very addictive. A great bunch of people, with numbers growing all the time, all showing love for the great Peter Falk and his creation of Columbo. I think it has local interest, as a lot of retired folk like Columbo, it’s never off our screens for long, and I think supporting fledgling movie makers and the arts in general is a good cause.”

Dean is now selling DastardlyDeano mugs and t-shirts in a bid to boost funds and reach the £2,500 appeal mark by mid-December.

To see the trailers visit and further information is at and search for Columbo to find the project and where people can pledge.

Dean can be contacted at or followed on Twitter @DastadrlyDeano.