Daughter of dementia sufferer speaks out

Sarah Jenkins with her dad
Sarah Jenkins with her dad

The daughter of a dementia sufferer has shared her memories of her father ahead of the Memory Walk organised by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Sarah Jenkins from Pevensey Park Road, is hoping to raise funds for the charity by putting her best foot forward on September 8 in Brighton.

Sarah’s father passed away 15 years ago aged just 65, but his extraordinary experiences have driven Sarah to do all she can.

The 45-year-old said, “One day I came over and the door was wide open and Dad was not in the house.

“I went to local Post Office where he would go to collect his pension.

“The woman said that dad had come in earlier that day demanding his money and when he was told it was not due until the following Monday he started getting aggressive, so much so, the lady behind the counter ended up lending him her own money.

“I rang around police stations including the police in London and it turned out that dad had been found in London at Victoria station in his pyjamas.

“He had been trying to get to his brother’s house.

“He told police that his daughter was too young to come and collect him but I was in my 20s at the time.”

He was finally diagnosed with early onset dementia at 63 and just two years later he died.

Sarah, who will be walking with her husband Lee Jenkins, feels a lot more needs to be done to raise awareness of dementia and is urging people to sign up for the walk.

She is also full of praise for the Alzheimer’s Society and said, “Although I did not know of them back when my dad was alive I know they support hundreds of people living with dementia and their carers, so I feel very proud to be supporting their work.”

Visit: www.memorywalk.org/brighton