Dad pedals in aid of charity that helped wife

Graeme Corbishley
Graeme Corbishley

A father-of-two from Langney pedalled his way to the finishing line to raise funds for a charity that supported his wife who suffered from a condition during both of her pregnancies.

Graeme Corbishley was inspired to take part in the fundraiser after his wife Yvonne was affected by the condition intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (IPS) which is the most common liver condition of pregnancy.

IPS affects around 5,000 women per year in the UK and Yvonne suffered with the condition during both of her pregnancies.

The main presenting symptom is an itch for the woman which can be so debilitating that the woman scratches herself until she bleeds and it’s also connected with an increased risk of spontaneous premature birth, fetal distress and stillbirth.

Graeme said the charity called ICP Support backed the family and as a result his wife Yvonne wanted to give something back.

So Graeme, who is a special constable and stay at home dad, said he would take part in a cycle ride to boost the charity’s coffers.

On Sunday September 8 the 33-year-old cycled from London to Windsor. He completed the 55-mile challenge in five hours and 40 minutes.

In the run up to the event he spent weeks cycling in his home town.

He said, “It was lucky the ‘challenge was at the end of summer as I could spend the weekends and evenings getting on my bike and see how far I could get around.

“I found it harder training here as it’s hillier than it is in London.”

Of the day itself, he added, “It was good fun and there was not too many people.

“It’s like a ride through the countryside.

“There was a little bit of rain but overall it was good fun.”

Graeme, who was cheered on at the finishing line by his family, has so far raised around £3,000 for the cause.

To donate to the cause go to the website:

To find out more about ICP go to: