Cyclists’ map marks the best routes in town

A MAP outlining the cycle paths in Eastbourne has been created by cycle campaign group Bespoke.

The idea behind this map, which was created by Bespoke and further developed by the Community Environment Partnership for Eastbourne (CEPE), was to make it easier for people to cycle around the town.

The group has identified routes that are more pleasant to cycle along. Some of the routes have much less traffic and Bespoke says they will become a ‘natural corridor for bikes’ if cyclists start to use them on a regular basis.

Bespoke says the town could do with more cycle lanes but a lot of journeys can still be made on two wheels because Eastbourne is not a large town and has many flat areas.

Bespoke believe a bike will often get residents to their destination more quickly and help to keep people fit and save them money.

Felicity Goodson from Bespoke said, “Obviously we would love to have more paths that Eastbourne Borough Council and East Sussex County Council have agreed to in the cycle strategy for Eastbourne. However, it is the beginning of what we hope will be many more.

“Funding is a big issue, but with many developments going up and offset money from the developers being earmarked for alternative transport to ease increase in traffic, along with a bid for the alternative transport fund, and money from the parking charges that has been promised, we hope the council will be able to press ahead as and when funds become available.

“At this time of recession the actual cost to benefit ratio of building cycle paths far out weighs that of road costs.”

The maps are available online at or at

They were also available at Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre but were quickly snapped up cyclists. Bespoke hope to deliver more to the information centre soon.