Cyclist captures near-miss with bus in Pevensey on video

A screenshot from the incident
A screenshot from the incident

A cyclist in Pevensey was involved in a near collision with a bus today (April 30), and released a video of the incident to highlight road safety.

Richard Stern, who is the Performance Director at cycling firm RST Sport, was cycling along Eastbourne Road in Pevensey, when he narrowly avoided a collision with a bus.

He said he was “shaken” and shared the video because “cycle safety is important”.

“I was cycling along, going down that main road, and it is a bit of a nightmare,” said Mr Stern. “The road is fast and dangerous.

“I did not know how the driver didn’t see me. I was dressed in fairly bright colours, in the middle of the road, riding quite fast, I was where I was supposed to be.

“At the time it was the eternal cliché of my life flashing before my eyes.

“I have got a ton of experience I have been racing for years. I dread to think what would have happened if it had been a normal person riding a bike, or an elderly person. They would have been looking at a fatality or a serious incident.

“People have to take care and look out for one another, bus drivers, car drivers and cyclists as well. No-one owns the road, it is for us to share, you just have to look out for each other.”

Robert McGowan, the secretary of Bespoke Cycle Group in Eastbourne, said, “I quite often ride my bicycle between Eastbourne, and Bexhill and Hastings, and most of the time it is a delightful ride off-road. But there are two exceptions to this - Eastbourne town centre and Pevensey.

“At Eastbourne, you are confronted with a busy and dangerous seafront road to take you out of town. We have been campaigning for years to get the promenade there open for bicycles.

“Then down to Pevensey Bay, where you are thrust out into the road, which is really dangerous. You’ve got cars crawling along there at 30/40mph, and quite frankly it is terrifying if you are with children or you are not a confident cyclist.”

He said something needed to be done about this stretch of road to make it safer for cyclists.

“If you want to promote healthy tourism this is really a key part of that and they should get on it really,” he said.

“Looking at the video, I am struck by how wide the road is. I think there is ample space there for a cycle lane there.”

A Stagecoach spokeswoman said, “We were very concerned to see this video. Safety is our absolute priority and we are carrying out a full investigation into this incident.”