Customers are left out of pocket after bed shop shuts

Eastbourne Discount Bed Centre 24 Terminus Road. March 25th 2015 E12073Q SUS-140325-120027001
Eastbourne Discount Bed Centre 24 Terminus Road. March 25th 2015 E12073Q SUS-140325-120027001

A number of people say they have been left out of pocket after a town centre bed store shut suddenly at the weekend.

Eastbourne Discount Beds at 24 Terminus Road closed on Saturday morning after the company behind it, Eastbourne Furniture and Beds Limited, ceased trading.

Angry and upset customers say they paid for beds some weeks ago and are now out of pocket as they haven’t been delivered.

Latest Companies House records list 23-year-old Ryan Webber as the company director with Anthony Pook as a shareholder.

The shop’s manager Chris Moffett told the Herald the limited company had ceased trading and there was “no money left”.

“Unfortunately, customers have lost money,” said Mr Moffett, who blamed the downturn in the economy and online buying habits.

“We have had many happy customers since Christmas but a decision was made to cease trading. I am very sorry to any of the customers that have lost out. It’s not nice and it’s not a good position to be in.”

The property’s landlords say they were made aware there was a problem when they went to collect outstanding rent owed by the company on Friday and noticed there was very little stock left. The landlords have confirmed they are still owed rent.

Customers were promised their orders would be delivered on Saturday but when they failed to turn up, they visited the shop to complain and found it had been cleared out by the company.

Among the unhappy customers was Shelby Giles who paid £350 for a special bed for her bad back. “I have disc problems and sciatica and am waiting for an operation so bought a new bed,” said Shelby. “It was £350 and we borrowed the money from my partner’s mother who is terminally ill. We paid in cash for it in the shop as we were told the card machine wasn’t working. The bed was meant to have been delivered on March 8 but we were told there had been a problem with the manufacturer and it would instead be delivered on March 22. My partner waited in on Saturday missing my daughter’s birthday party and when it didn’t turn up, we went to the shop and discovered the shop had been shut down. I am so upset at this and angry too.”

Eastbourne Furniture and Beds Limited is linked to Eastbourne Beds and Furniture Limited, which previously ran the Eastbourne Bed Centre in the double fronted shop unit further along Terminus Road.

The Herald was unable to contact Mr Webber or Mr Pook. Mr Moffett, who was declared bankrupt in November 2011, was previously a director of Perfect Homes shop in Eastbourne.