Cub scouts learn basic survival skills

Youngsters learn wood craft skills
Youngsters learn wood craft skills

MORE than 70 cub scouts visited Bushy Wood Campsite for a day to improve their scouting skills.

Accompanied by their leaders, cub scouts from groups across Eastbourne spent the day learning how to light fires as well as cook on them and they also built survival shelters and learned how to use a map and compass.

They took on an orienteering challenge, a string trail and had to complete various other challenges.

They also enjoyed an opportunity to explore nature at the woodland campsite and to take part in some spectacular scientific experiments.

Tracey Titherley, assistant district commissioner for Cub Scouts, who organises the skills day each year, said she was delighted to see how much the cubs enjoyed the day.

The assistant district commissioner said the skills they had learned will help them later on with their scouting adventures.