Crowning glory

hydneye street party
hydneye street party

Our recent coverage in Looking Back on the Queen’s Coronation prompted readers 
to bring in their photographs of street parties held in 
Eastbourne to mark the 

The first photograph is of celebrations held in The Hydneye in Hampden Park in June 1953 and was sent in by Ruth Foster.

She also has written out a list of all those present that she remembers.

They include Sylvia Thornton, Sheila Deacon, Angela Deacon, Susan Deacon, Cynthia Jackman, Pat Baulcombe, Carl Thornton, Ruth Jackman, Brent Rogers, Colin Jackman, Pam Hunnisett, Francis Bradley, Tommy Taylor, Brian Ballard, Ann Taylor, Sonia Lloyd, Jacky Judd, John Waltens, Mrs Deacon, Mrs Hunnisett, Mrs Rogers, Mrs Canter and Mrs Sprange.

The second photograph is one that we published of a street party in Queen’s Crescent and Susan Farrant, nee Durrant, has brought in a list of names of those who were at the party.

They were Miss F Walder, Mr Parker, Mr Povey, Mrs Walder, Mrs Corton, Mrs Holter, Margery Durrant, Steve Corton, Peter Povey, Miss Jones, Derek Holter, Ann Durrant, Betty Povey, Ann Wagstaff, Mrs Adkins, Iris Hamblin, Mrs Waghorn, Barry Parker, Pauline Brooks, Carol Lelliott, June Hylands, Daphne Mullen, Susan Darrant, Ann Adkins, John Corton, Mrs Povey, Mr Marchant, Felicity Walder, Trevor Holter, Richard Waghorn, Gay Adkins, Keith Holter, Maryann Mullen, Loretta Thornton, Wendy Durrant and Linda Holter.