Cross Levels Way buzzard dies after being hit by car

A buzzard in flight SUS-161028-094306001
A buzzard in flight SUS-161028-094306001

A buzzard has died after being hit by a car yesterday (Thursday, October 28).

The buzzard was often admired by people driving along Cross Levels Way as it had a favourite fence it would sit on.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) rushed to the bird’s aid after hearing of the accident, but volunteers were unable to help.

Trevor Weeks, operations director at WRAS, said, “Unfortunately it had to be put to sleep. Its shoulder was too badly damaged.

“We got it x-rayed but there was no hope sadly.

“It used to be quite a spectacle, it will be missed by a lot of people.”

Mr Weeks said that the wildlife charity are getting a lot of injured birds of prey at the moment, especially tawny owls.

WRAS is calling for motorists to slow down and drive more carefully at this time of the year.

Mr Weeks said that, with the darker evenings and the clocks going backwards this weekend, there is always an increase in road casualties in winter, including birds of prey and deer.

He said birds of prey are more likely to be spotted near busy roads as a lot of their rodent prey prefer the warmth of grassy verges in winter.