Criminals being caught by bait traps

Bait traps are being used to catch criminals in Hailsham.

Already one man has been arrested after stealing devices, which were left in venues around the town and fitted with tracking devices by Hailsham Police.

The items were stolen at around 5pm last Wednesday and by 9pm, the stolen goods had been traced and a man was in police custody and being quizzed by detectives in connection with theft.

Hailsham’s police chief Dick Coates said the baiting operation was helping in the fight against crime, assisting police in identifying people causing harm to the community and stop their offending.

Chief Inspector Coates said, “The latest tracking device proved immediately successful after a male was arrested after stealing items. A number of devices were placed around Wealden.

“This type of tracking device, placed in various items of bait is proving extremely successful across the district. We can place our devices in almost any item, and my message to any criminals out there would be don’t risk it!

“You don’t know if the item you are taking is actually one of our bait devices.”

The Wealden operation follows in the footsteps of an initiative run by Eastbourne CID last year after a series of thefts from garages in the town.

Various items fitted with tracking devices were placed in garages in the town in a bid to catch the group responsible for the garage break-ins. Several people were arrested and appeared in court for theft.

The male arrested for theft has been cautioned by Hailsham Police.