Woman punched in parking row

Lisa-Jayne steadman
Lisa-Jayne steadman

A MUM-OF-TWO was hauled to the ground and beaten by a woman after a minor parking row sparked a road-rage attack in Eastbourne.

Lisa-Jayne Steadman, 35, was dragged by her hair, slammed head-first into the road and punched repeatedly in the Enterprise Centre car park. She said she feared for her life.

An Eastbourne Borough Council worker, she now suffers from memory loss, throbbing headaches and constant neck pain.

Ms Steadman, studying to be a legal executive at Sussex Downs College, said, “I thought she was going to kill me. I thought she was going to keep on hitting me and it was never going to stop.

“I was just helpless.”

Ms Steadman, of Heather Way, Fairlight, took her criminal law exam last week but said the neck pain made it very difficult to read for long periods and searing headaches interrupted her concentration.

She said she was unable to do as much revision as she would have liked and she had almost certainly failed her exam.

“I do get very tired and go to bed very early because I’m absolutely exhausted. I find studying very hard and my concentration levels aren’t what they used to be.

“With the family it’s difficult because I can go through highs and lows and get very angry,” she said.

Ms Steadman was waiting for a parking space in her BMW convertible on December 22 when she noticed a red Vauxhall Corsa also indicating for the same spot.

It is unclear who was entitled to the parking bay but Ms Steadman parked in the empty space and started walking towards council offices in Grove Road.

The red car drove up alongside and they exchanged unpleasantries before Ms Steadman tried to resume her walk. But the female passenger got out of the car and launched herself at Ms Steadman, grabbing and twisting her hair before dragging her to the ground and delivering multiple blows to Ms Steadman’s helpless body.

Passer-by Lee Hales rushed to her rescue, pulling off the assailant and calling for help.

Ms Steadman said, “I heard this lovely voice, saying ‘get off her’ and he pulled her off. He said ‘you have been viciously attacked, call the police’.”

She made it to her office where she collapsed into the arms of a concerned colleague. Ms Steadman was treated for her injuries in an ambulance outside her office. She passed on a picture of the assailant’s car, which she had taken with her Blackberry mobile phone, to the police.

Police said they have not been able to track down the car owner. The car’s registration plates have been marked by police and should the car be recognised by cameras, officers will be told immediately.

Inspector Claire Stephenson said, “This was a very distressing experience for the victim. No-one should be attacked in this manner and for it to happen in broad daylight is even more shocking.”