Woman kicked at police on arrest

AN EASTBOURNE driver who smelt of alcohol, had trouble walking and admitted drinking told police officers, “I’ve not done anything wrong.”

Officers attended the Harbour area on the evening of December 30 and found Electra Coutsoftides in the driver’s seat of a Mercedes.

When asked if she had been drinking the 38-year-old replied, ‘Of course I have’ and when she got out of the car her eyes were glazed and she had trouble walking.

Eastbourne magistrates heard the defendant, of Silver Strand West, refused to get in the police car or give a specimen for analysis.

She swore and when told she was under arrest she began to resist. A police van took her to the police station.

Coutsoftides, who had no previous convictions, also kicked out at an officer. She pleaded guilty to assaulting and obstructing a constable in the execution of their duty, and failing to provide a specimen.

A probation report from said that Coutsoftides recalled the night had been a bit of a blur. She was shocked, ashamed and remorseful and wanted to apologise to the police herself.

The report added that she had been made redundant from her job, had financial difficulties and had felt lonely as she was unable to fly out to Dubai to spend Christmas with her parents and son.

Denise Saunders, defending, added, “Miss Coutsoftides is entitled to credit for her early guilty pleas.

“She’s been very clear she doesn’t want to present any excuses.

“She has been very apologetic.

“She has an existing shoulder injury and was trying to tell police they were hurting her injury. Through the alcohol she was unable to explain herself.

“She feels an unpaid work order is a good way she can give something back.”

Coutsoftides was given a 12-month community order with 80 hours of unpaid work.

She was also disqualified from driving for 18 months and told this could be reduced by four months if she completed a drink driver rehabilitation course.

She must also pay £85 costs.