Welcome fall in ‘festive’ shoplifting

SHOPLIFTING offences in Eastbourne dropped by 30 per cent over Christmas and New Year.

One hundred and sixty eight shoplifting offences were reported in November and December 2009 but only 115 offences were reported to police over the same two months in 2010.

Sergeant Gareth Evans, at Eastbourne, said, “I am pleased to report that local businesses saw a significant decrease in shoplifting offences over the Christmas and New Year period.

“Part of the reduction was due to the work carried out between police and the business retail community in Eastbourne.

“This work involves a dedicated officer working with the local retail community, attending weekly meetings and liaising regularly with Eastbourne Business Crime Group Manager.

“Intelligence is then shared to reduce shoplifting opportunities and raise awareness with staff not only of known shoplifters but also with any new tactics offenders may use.

“With persistent offenders shop owners can obtain exclusion orders where justified.

“In addition to this work extra police officers conducted high visibility patrols in the town centre throughout November and December.

“Also, the successful East Sussex drugs operation in December 2010 resulted in the detention of a number of known offenders who were then behind bars over the festive period.”