Vehicle damaged after parking row

A 22-YEAR-OLD man who damaged a stranger’s car with a steering lock has appeared in court.

Michael Atkins, of Boleyn Avenue in Margate, appeared before the town’s magistrates and pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

The court heard the offence took place in the Crumbles car park at around 2pm on January 23.

The defendant became angry when another motorist opened his door on to Atkins’ car.

Atkins tried to start an altercation with the other driver but the man tried to calm the situation down before leaving the scene with his friends.

After the other driver had left the scene, Atkins got a steering lock from his car and used it to smash the rear lights of the other man’s car.

A woman witnessed the criminal damage and shouted at Atkins to stop but he carried on damaging the vehicle.

The witness described Atkins as ‘out of control’.

Atkins defended himself in court and said, “It was stupidity.”

The victim says there was £2,387 worth of damage to his Vauxhall Vectra but Atkins disputes the value and denies hitting the sides of the vehicle.

A hearing will be held to determine how much damage was caused by Atkins.

Magistrates at Eastbourne will hear further evidence about the extent of the damage before Atkins is sentenced.

The hearing will take place on September 9.