Vandals smash Eastbourne shop window

Andrew Christoforou with the damaged window
Andrew Christoforou with the damaged window

A SHOP owner has hit out at mindless vandals after a late-night attack on his firm’s window.

Andrew Christoforou, who runs Sapphire Lights in Seaside, arrived at work on Monday to be greeted by the sight of dozens of shards of glass littering his shop floor and a smashed window on the verge of falling through.

The businessman says it is the second time his store has been targeted and repairs will set him back more than £1,000.

“It is terrible,” he told the Herald, “just mindless.

“One of my customers is a former policeman and he says it looks like the hole was made with a hammer.

“It would have taken a fair whack to cause this much damage.

“My window was damaged last July and other shops round here have been targeted.

“This week it was me and the bakery, next week it could be someone else.”

That bakery, Oven Fresh, just a few doors down, had a main window and the door attacked and a member of staff behind the counter confirmed the store had fallen foul of similar problems before.

An angry Mr Christoforou continued, “These people just have nothing better to do.

“They were not trying to break in - just cause damage.

“A neighbour said they heard an almighty whack sometime between 11pm and 11.30pm.

“I think whoever did it probably crossed over the road, smashed my window and then ran off, doing the bakery on the way.

“To be honest, this is the last thing I need.”

Anyone who may have witnessed the vandalism can call 0845 60 70 999 and speak to Eastbourne Police.