Uniformed police given powers to seize vehicles

ALL UNIFORMED police officers in Eastbourne and across Sussex now have the power to seize uninsured and unlicensed vehicles.

Previously, only Road Policing officers were able to seize vehicles, but now any uniformed Sussex Police officer will be able to take a car away from a driver if they don’t have a valid driving licence and insurance.

Chief Inspector Di Roskilly of Sussex Police’s Road Policing Unit said, “These powers are a great tool for officers to help to keep our roads safer by removing drivers that disregard the law from our roads.

“Uninsured and unlicensed drivers are a risk to the wider public.

“This power has been trialled for a long period by the Road Policing Unit and a robust process is in place to ensure only drivers who are committing certain offences have their vehicles seized.

“We are now in a position to roll this power out to all uniformed officers, including special constables.

“The aim of giving all uniformed officers these powers is to reduce crashes involving uninsured and unlicensed drivers, ensure people are driving legally and get criminals off our roads.

“We know the majority of the public are very supportive of us using these powers.”

Anyone who would like to report an uninsured or unlicensed driver, or report someone’s driving behaviour, can do so through www.operationcrackdown.co.uk or by calling Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999.