Teenagers caught taking motorbike in garage ‘sting’

TWO teenage boys were caught stealing a motorcycle from a ‘bait’ garage in Hampden Park.

The 17-year-old and a 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were filmed by covert cameras stealing a blue Yamaha Motor Cross motorcycle from a garage in Kingston Road at 2.30pm on March 10.

The boys were seen tampering with the motorcycle for about 10 minutes but it had been deliberately disabled so it couldn’t be started.

After numerous attempts at kick-starting the bike they are seen taking it from the garage.

It was found a few hours later dumped in a nearby field.

The boys were arrested the following day and admitted the burglary offence.

Detective Inspector Paul Phelps said, “Covert traps like this are used in areas where we know there has been a lot of crime.

“We believe that ‘bait’ garages not only help to catch criminals in the act but will also serve as a deterrent.

“The message from Eastbourne CID to either thieves or handlers of stolen goods is simple.

“If you take it, it could be ours and we will catch you.”

The 15-year-old received a caution and the 17-year-old d a 12 month rehabilitation order which involves 40 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay an £85 fine.