Teenager gave false name after collision

A TEENAGE driver who crashed into the back of another motorist and then gave a false name has appeared in court.

Jamie Piggot-Tanner, of Whitbread Close, admitted failing to give his name and address after a road accident and driving without due care and attention when he appeared before the town’s magistrates on Tuesday morning (May 17).

The court heard 19-year-old Piggot-Tanner, who has been banger racing since he was 11, had been travelling along Hailsham’s Station Road in his Ford Transit pick-up on August 27 when he crashed into a Nissan.

The Nissan, which had stopped near the centre of the road, was indicating to make a turn right into the rubbish tip.

The prosecutor told magistrates Piggot-Tanner got out of his van and became abusive when he spoke to the driver of the Nissan.

The Nissan driver and his wife said they were distraught after the crash which caused some minor damage to their car.

Piggot-Tanner then drove away from the scene but returned 10 minutes later and was once again abusive before giving a false name. Helen Wallace, defending, said Piggot-Tanner, a man of previous good character, had given a false name because the discussion bout the crash had turned in to a row after the Nissan driver became upset.

“He bitterly regrets the way in which he has handled this matter,” said Ms Wallace.

“Had he thought more carefully about matters he wouldn’t have given a stupid name.

“He also wants to apologise to the other driver about the way he handled this.”

Ms Wallace described the crash as a ‘pure error of judgement’ because Piggot-Tanner thought his van could fit through the small gap.

She added, “He is a naive man who didn’t fully understand the law and he will never make that mistake again. He is someone who can learn from his mistake.”

Magistrates fined Piggot-Tanner £100 and ordered him to pay £150 in court costs and a £15 surcharge.