Teenager admits assault charge but disputes severity

A TEENAGER allegedly laughed as she stood over a woman she had punched to the ground, a court heard.

Prosecutor Claire Prodger said the victim had tried to ignore Amy Beardsley, who used to live in Athelstan Close, Eastbourne, but 18-year-old Beardsley ran towards her, spun her around, punched her in the face and threw her into a fence by her hair.

Ms Prodger said, “Beardsley was laughing and said, ‘ha ha you have blood running down your face’.”

Beardsley, who has moved to her mother’s home in London, pleaded guilty but disputed the facts at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on March 21.

Madeleine Priestley, defending, said the attack on February 24 was less severe.

She said Beardsley had hit the victim twice across her face with the back of her hand.

Ms Priestley said Beardsley had tried to intervene in an argument between her mum and stepfather.

She gave up and walked a matter of metres to find a woman – who she has had run-ins in the past with – snickering at her expense, according to Beardsley’s defence solicitor.

“As a result of this build-up in tension she quite frankly lost her temper and self-control and she accepts she hit her twice with the back of her hand across the face.

“She doesn’t accept that it was a prolonged assault during which she was punched and had her hair pulled and dragged into a neighbouring fence,” said Ms Priestley.

The prosecution did not accept the basis of plea.

Beardsley was released on the condition she would not contact the victim.

Both prosecution and defence solicitors will meet to try and agree the facts of the case.