Sussex Police warning to motorcyclists after one death and three injuries over the weekend

MOTORCYCLISTS and cyclists are being warned to drive safely following four serious collisions in Sussex over the weekend.

Late summer sunshine and the ACE Cafe Reunion in Brighton on Sunday saw thousands more motorcycles on the county’s roads.

On Sunday, the rider of a motorbike was killed in a collision on the A283 at Northchapel and three people were seriously injured - two riders and one pillion - in collisions in Eastbourne, Uckfield and Ashurst.

Temporary Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas of Sussex Police’s Road Policing Unit said: “The statistics for people killed or seriously injured on all forms of two-wheeled transport are consistently high and the warm weather this weekend, along with the annual ACE Cafe Reunion, saw more motorbikes on the roads of Sussex than usual.

“Sussex Police works closely with its partners, including Sussex Safer Roads Partnership to educate riders about how they can keep themselves safe. We also work to educate drivers of other vehicles about looking out for riders of two-wheeled vehicles.

“In July Sussex Police held a First Bike @ Scene event in Bury Hill near Arundel to teach riders vital first aid skills which could help save the lives of others who may have come off their motorbikes or been involved in a collision.

“Skills like this can really make a difference to the chances of someone’s survival and we will be looking to do more of this type of educational event in the future.”

Motorcyclists are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured than any other road group.

In 2011, athough only one per cent of vehilce miles were travelled by powered two wheelers they were 25 per cent of those killed and seriously injured on the roads across Sussex.

During the ACE Cafe Reunion, covert and overt police motorcyclists were carrying out enforcement checks.

A total of 24 fixed penalty notices were issued, four people reported for summons for excessive speed, seven riders were given warnings for antisocial riding and a motorcyclist had their bike seized for ignoring such a warning. Two vehicles seized for no insurance and one motorcycle reported for no tax.

Neil Hopkins, Communications Manager at the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, added: ”Every year, too many riders are killed or seriously injured on our roads.

“The Partnership developed the ‘Stay A Hero’ campaign ( to raise awareness amongst bikers about how their actions, from the way they ride to the protective gear that they wear, affect everyone around them.

“Sussex can be a beautiful place to enjoy on two wheels and we’re determined to help bikers make the most of the county safely.”

For more information about how to keep safe on the roads and rider refresher courses visit