Suicidal man jailed after ASBO breach

A SUICIDAL man who breached his anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) on the day he was released from prison has been sent back to jail after getting a ticking off by a magistrate.

Eastbourne magistrates heard that Stephen Newman, 56, bought something to eat then headed to his mother’s property in Eastbourne.

The court heard his mother knew he wasn’t allowed in but felt sorry for him.

He then started to drink from a bottle of vodka and refused to leave. He became ill and an ambulance was called.

Newman, of no fixed abode, was later arrested.

He pleaded guilty to entering the property and causing harassment, alarm and distress which he was prohibited from doing by a ASBO.

Christos Christou, defending, said his client could not recall much of the incident, adding, “This is a very sad situation Mr Newman finds himself in.

“He pleaded guilty to this offence and I would ask you to give him credit for that.

“His intention he tells me was to commit suicide. He cannot see a way through this, there’s a severe alcohol problem there.”

The court heard that probation felt unable to work with Newman, who is still on licence, because they felt he was not ready to deal with his alcohol problems.

Presiding magistrate Paul Wilson asked Newman what he thought the court should do with him, adding, “We’ve tried probation, tried social services, tried custody.

“Your mother is 85, you think your mother at 85 needs you going around drinking booze?

“Every time it’s someone else’s fault.”

Mr Wilson told the defendant he should use his savings to get accommodation and sentenced Newman to 12 weeks in jail.