Small businesses targeted by burglars in Eastbourne

Sussex Police
Sussex Police

Police in Eastbourne are warning small businesses to check their security after a number of premises were targeted by burglars.

Crime prevention officer Trevor Cox said, “Entry has been gained by forcing open windows and doors to steal cash, tills and small saleable items. “We are taking this matter extremely seriously and have increased policing patrols in the affected areas, as well as introducing additional resources in an attempt to resolve this issue promptly.

“We are asking business owners and colleagues to review all current crime prevention processes to prevent any similar offences occurring. Entry to each premise has usually been gained by forcing the front or rear external doors, but all potential access points should be considered in terms of security review and crime prevention.

“If you would like me to visit you to give advice, please call me on 07799 477842.”

There have been incidents in recent weeks in Albert Parade, Brassey Parade and Kingfisher Drive.

Contact your local neighbourhood policing team by emailing, calling 101 or go to and enter your postcode on the ‘Your Local District’ page.

If you see any suspicious behaviour around your business please contact Sussex Police – if it’s happening there and then dial 999 immediately.

To prevent becoming victims of crime, please follow the crime prevention advice below:

-Remove any costly items from the property or out of view from the street.

-Secure all equipment and stock to prevent easy and quick access.

-Ensure all locks are in good order and remove keys from the property.

-Empty all monies from the till.

-Fix up notices and signs advising that there is no equipment or monies left on the premises.

-Fix signs in various parts of the business advising that CCTV is in 24 hour operation on the premises and consider the fitting of CCTV cameras.