Seaford: Suicidal woman confronted police with kitchen knife

A SUICIDAL woman who waved a kitchen knife at an officer after police were called to her home has appeared in court.

The incident unfolded when Yulia Cuxson called emergency services to say that she wanted to jump out of the window, prompting police to race to her Seaford home.

Eastbourne magistrates heard the 44-year-old had been cutting herself and was in her bedroom when police arrived.

After hearing a noise an officer entered the room to find the defendant holding a kitchen knife in her hand, waving it around in circles and pointing it in his direction.

The officer, who could smell alcohol, feared he might be stabbed but despite being asked to drop the knife Cuxson refused to do so.

A struggle then ensued when Cuxson ran towards the window and was duly sprayed with pepper spray.

She was arrested and first taken to hospital for a cut to her wrist, before being interviewed.

Cuxson, of Hazeldene, initially pleaded not guilty to assault but changed it to guilty on the basis that the police officer would have feared some form of harm coming to him.

The case was previously adjourned for pre-sentence and psychiatric reports.

Sarah Clarke, defending, said, “In the psychiatric report something has arisen and that is that Mrs Cuxson had been admitted to hospital since the incident and as recently as last week was an inpatient at the psychiatric unit in Eastbourne.

“This incident in July was the back end of a series of times in detention.

“Mrs Cuxson has found these proceedings very difficult.

“There was a further attempt to take her own life at the beginning of last week, she was in Seaford and called an ambulance.

“She was sectioned.

“There was no intention on her part to assault the police officer that came to the house.

“Her only intention ever is to harm herself.”

Magistrates sentenced Cuxson to a 12-month community order with a supervision requirement and mental health requirement of the same period.

She was also ordered to pay the officer £75 in compensation.