SEAFORD: Pair jailed over beach indecency

A SEAFORD couple have been jailed for 12 weeks after having sex on the town’s beach in full view of families and children.

Nicholas Harrison, pictured left, and Lita Dawson committed the offence in broad daylight leaving witnesses ‘disgusted, shocked and angry’.

Prosecutor Heather Salvage told Eastbourne magistrates at the hearing last Thursday that one child announced Dawson was ‘doing push ups on that man’. In a statement, another witness, who was on the beach with a friend and two children, said, “I saw they were having sexual intercourse and I tried to get the children away from the couple.”

Another said, “I was worried about the effect it would have on the children.

“They were not discreet, they were in full view of everyone and they did not seem to care.”

The pair, both 51 and from Pelham Road, pleaded guilty to outraging public decency.

They also admitted committing an offence whilst subject to a conditional discharge.

Magdalena Biglou, defending both clients, said Harrison had drunk more than half a bottle of vodka with Dawson.

Ms Biglou said,“It’s clear from the papers that the main instigator was the female.

“He tells me he asked her to stop a number of times but in essence sexual arousal took over.

“He didn’t have awareness of who was around them, he said he’s thoroughly disgusted with himself and his behaviour.”

She said that Harrison had been a heroin addict and had recently come off methadone and turned to alcohol.

Ms Biglou added that Dawson was thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of her actions.

Sentencing Harrison first, presiding magistrate Laurie Thorpe told him that no alternative sentence could be justified in the circumstances.