SEAFORD: Officer ‘discovered an horrific murder scene’

A POLICE Community Support Officer discovered a horrific murder scene in a flat above an architect’s in Seaford, a court heard.

PCSO Noel Daniels was called to Plans in Seaford after a member of staff reported a red liquid dripping from the ceiling.

When he found the door to the flat unlocked on Monday February 1, he found the body of Ahmed Remon Hayder, known as Ray, who had been stabbed to death.

The jury heard on Monday May 16 how he walked past blood splattered walls and floors before he found the 27-year-old lying in just a t-shirt and shorts in a corridor.

They were shown detailed pictures of the crime scene at Lewes Crown Court in the trial of Shahadat Sohag, 22, of no fixed abode, who has pleaded not guilty to murdering Ray.

He also denies a further charge of aggravated burglary.

His co-defendant Mohammed Anhar, 34, from East London, Ray’s cousin, has pleaded guilty to both charges.

The victim was looking after his parents’ restaurant The Moon of India in Sutton Park Road, Seaford, whilst they were on holiday in Bangladesh.

He had suffered 16 blows to his head and multiple blows to the rest of his body, with blunt and sharp instruments.

The jury heard how Anhar had visited Toyeb Ali, who runs a job centre in Brick Lane, London, on February 2.

Speaking through an interpreter Mr Ali said, “He looked kind of sad and he said that his cousin brother had passed away.”

Mr Ali, who had known Anhar for three years, said Anhar told him he had a friend who had no money and was living on the streets.

He asked if he could find him a job in Ireland because he had family there.

Mr Ali, who had found jobs for Anhar before, told him that he didn’t have any jobs at the moment but to send the friend to him.

On February 4 Sohag went to see Mr Ali, but Mr Ali said he didn’t have any work for him now but would call when he did.

Mr Ali said later he found him a job in Coventry and called him but didn’t leave a voicemail.

Defending Alan Kent QC accused Mr Ali of arranging the trip to France for Sohag. Mr Ali denied this.

Mr Kent said he was lying about Ireland ‘because you are trying to cover up your involvement with getting Sohag out of the country’. Mr Ali denied this too.

On Friday May 13 Sohag’s cousin Iftekar Uddin gave evidence.

He told the court Sohag had asked him to look after £300 for him because he didn’t have a bank account.

Sohag asked him for £150 because he was going to Kent where he had a job, Mr Uddin said, but he explained he later found out he was in France staying with a cousin.

When Mr Uddin found out Sohag was wanted for questioning in connection with the murder he called his relatives in France and told him Sohag should come home.

Mr Kent QC asked him, “You were happy when he came to England.

“You were happy for him to live with you. You were happy to help him out.”

Mr Uddin answered yes.

Mr Kent continued, “How did you feel when the police wanted to speak to him for murder?”

Mr Uddin said, “Never happened to us in my family.

“That was quite shocking.

“I couldn’t believe it myself.

He continued, “He wasn’t like this. He was very OK.

“That was quite shocking for us.”

The trial continues.