SEAFORD: Drunken man switched car engine on to keep warm

A 44-YEAR-OLD man who intended to sleep in his car after drinking six pints and a liqueur has been brought to court.

Martin Kershaw appeared before the town’s magistrates on Monday morning (May 23) and pleaded guilty to being in charge of a motor vehicle while over the drink drive limit on May 6.

The court heard Kershaw, of Lawes Avenue, Newhaven, had been drinking in a pub in Seaford and had returned to his car, which was parked on the Esplanade, to collect his belongings and call his wife for a lift home.

However, when he realised he had no credit on his phone he instead started the engine and put on the heaters to keep warm while he sat in the driver’s seat and started to go to sleep.

A concerned member of the public alerted the police by knocking at the rear door of Seaford Police Station at around 10.40pm.

The police went to the car to try and speak to Kershaw but they were unable to wake him.

They knocked on the window a couple of times but did not get a response and in the end had to open the driver’s door.

The officers could smell alcohol and said Kershaw ‘stumbled’ out of the car.

A breath test confirmed he was over the legal drink drive limit with a reading of 93mcg in 100ml of breath - the legal limit in 35mcg. Maxine Buck, defending, said, “He is distressed to find himself before the court today.”

Ms Buck explained Kershaw had been suffering from depression and had a bad 18 months. “He was at breaking point at that time,” she said.

Magistrates endorsed Kershaw’s licence with ten penalty points and ordered him to pay a £300 fine, £85 in court costs and a £15 surcharge.