SEAFORD: Boyfriend told me to steal alcohol - woman tells court

A WOMAN who claims she was the victim of brutal domestic violence said she was forced to steal alcohol from a supermarket in Seaford, a court heard.

Lita Dawson, 51, tried to make off with two bottles of wine from the Tesco Express store in Sutton Park Road at 8.30pm on Sunday February 13.

When she was stopped by staff Dawson handed over the alcohol saying that her boyfriend had ordered her to do it, Eastbourne magistrates heard on Friday (February 18).

Prosecutor Kate Heffernan said Dawson, of no fixed address, had told staff, “My boyfriend made me do it.”

Dawson, who sat in the dock with an eye half-closed and heavy black bruising to her face, pleaded guilty to breaching the court’s conditions of discharge for a previous offence by stealing £11.42 worth of wine.

Madeleine Priestley, defending, said Dawson had been taken to hospital after being assaulted by her boyfriend.

Hospital staff did an x-ray on her face because they thought that her cheek might have been broken.

Dawson was sentenced to one day in custody which she had already served.

She was released on the same conditions as before.