SEAFORD: Accused denies taking part in deadly attack

THE ALLEGED murderer of Ahmed Remon Hayder took to the witness box on Friday to deny taking part in the attack.

Shahadat Sohag, of no fixed abode, has pleaded not guilty to murder and aggravated burglary.

The 27-year-old victim’s cousin, Mohammed Anhar, 34, from East London, has pleaded guilty to both charges.

Sohag, 22, told the court he had been promised work by Anhar at the Moon of India restaurant in Seaford, which the victim was looking after while his parents were away.

The pair travelled down from London and stayed the night in a toilet outside the restaurant’s kitchen, before climbing into the property upstairs using a ladder – according to Sohag.

Defending, Alan Kent QC asked Sohag if he had questioned why Anhar wouldn’t knock on the door.

He said, “Yes I asked him but he said it’s late, I don’t want to disturb them.”

He added Anhar said when he had lived there he would often go to a nightclub and would get into the property late at night through the window.

Sohag said in the morning he heard an argument between Remon and Anhar in the next room, and was thrown on the bed by Anhar when he entered.

He claimed he saw a bloodied Remon on the floor and saw Anhar strike him two or three times.

Sohag said, “There was a towel next to Remon Hayder, next to his leg.

“I picked up the towel and I tried to stop the bleeding.

“As I was trying to put the towel on the head of Remon Hayder, at that time Anhar had me by my shoulder and clothes that I was wearing.”

He said Anhar pulled him back and said, “I’m crazy now. If you try and help him I could kill my own cousin – I could kill you.”

Before they left the house he said Anhar told him to put some jeans over his trousers because they were blood-stained.

Sohag said he believed blood got on to his trousers when he tried to help him or when Anhar was stabbing Remon.

Mr Kent QC said, “Did you take part in the attack on Remon Hayder? Did you try and hurt him? Did you want to hurt him?”

Sohag answered no to all three questions.

The trial continues.