Provisional driver crashed dad’s car

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A 26-YEAR-OLD who crashed his father’s newly- bought Mercedes into another vehicle has been banned from the road for a year.

Sean Dulice, a provisional licence holder, was travelling in Eastbourne on the evening of March 7 when the collision took place at the junction of Addingham Road and Latimer Road.

In a statement the other driver said that they had been travelling below the speed limit when a car flew out of Addingham Road at speed and crashed into his car.

Eastbourne magistrates heard that a lady passenger then gave false details.

Police were able to confirm he was actually Sean Dulice who only had a provisional licence and that his passenger was only a provisional licence holder too. No L plates were displayed and the defendant was also not insured.

Dulice, of Dagnall Park, London, pleaded guilty to no insurance, to driving without due care and attention, driving otherwise in accordance with a licence and failing to give his name and address.

Dulice, a full-time carer for his brother, represented himself but said he had nothing to add.

As well as the disqualification, Dulice was fined £50 each for the no insurance offence and driving otherwise in accordance with a licence.

His licence will also be endorsed for both offences and he was fined £100 for driving without due care and attention.

He was ordered to pay £85 costs, a £15 victim surcharge and was given no separate penalty for failing to give a name and address.