Police welcome drinker’s ASBO

A STREET drinker has been made the subject of a three-year ASBO.

Carl John Anderson, 32, of no fixed abode, was given a three-year Post Conviction ASBO and a three-year Prohibition on the Sale of Alcohol to Habitual Drunkards Order (1898) at Eastbourne Magistrates Court on February 18.

PC Virginia Jupp, ASBO co-ordinator for Eastbourne, said, “Anderson has been a problem for the Eastbourne community for many years and I am pleased Sussex Police has been successful in getting the courts to give him a three-year ASBO.”

Anderson’s ASBO conditions say he refrain from acting or inciting others to act in an anti-social manner, that is to say a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household; being drunk and disorderly in any public place and or a place to which the public has access in England and Wales; consuming alcohol in any public place other than licensed premises; being in possession of any unsealed vessel containing alcohol in any public place.

The Prohibition on the Sale of Alcohol to Habitual Drunkards Order makes it an offence if Anderson buys, obtains, or attempts to buy or obtain, alcohol in any licensed premises within Eastbourne district.

PC Jupp added, “These orders were deemed necessary to prevent further incidents of drunken disorderly and offensive behaviour by Anderson and to actively prevent him from obtaining the alcohol which fuelled his anti-social behaviour.”

Chief Inspector Jayne Dando said, “I am pleased the hard work done by PC Jupp and our licensing officer Cathie Wolfe has paid off.

“By having Anderson declared a habitual drunkard, it will be harder for him to get alcohol and give us some extra powers to deal with both his behaviour and the premises selling him alcohol.

“The legislation dates back to 1898, but is relevant today. We understand the impact such behaviour has and are determined to put a stop to it.”