Police warning over naked man in park

A DOG walker who called police after seeing a naked man covered in excrement says he is ‘disgusted’ with the officers’ reaction.

Martin Baulcombe, who lives near Eastbourne town centre, was walking in Gildredge Park when he saw a man who was naked from the waist down. He was covered in excrement, had syringes and appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Mr Baulcombe and his partner called police at about 6.25am on Tuesday (July 5).

He explained, “I called the police because I thought they would help get the man cleaned up and take him away from the park where there are lots of dog walkers and children on their way to school.”

Mr Baulcombe says the police took 20 minutes to arrive and he then heard them telling the naked man to put his syringes down.

“We stayed in the park for a little while, but then we could see the police were dealing with it so we went to get our daily paper,” he said.

“However, on the way back we checked to see what had happened and there were two men still in the park, in the same state, with no sign of the police.”

Mr Baulcombe made another call to police when he returned home.

He said, “I have complained to the police and they have told me they are looking in to it but I think it is just disgusting they have left the men there in that state. They had syringes, so the public was at danger.”

A Sussex Police spokesperson said officers attended the scene and warned the two men.

The spokesperson confirmed officers found both men under the influence of drink or drugs and one was not wearing any trousers.

Neither were attempting to drive a nearby van, but the police seized the keys of the vehicle.

The men told officers they were waiting for a lift and change of clothes from friends, as their van had broken down.

Police left the scene, after advising the man with no trousers not to walk around.