Police see success for Christmas campaigns

Steve Biglands ENGSUS00120131015140121
Steve Biglands ENGSUS00120131015140121

As the world watched on December 29, 2014, Sussex Police and its partners prepared for the worst at Gatwick Airport as a brave Virgin flight crew battled valiantly and successfully brought all their passengers and crew safely home. Sussex and Surrey Police stood ready to deliver a rehearsed and drilled plan focussed on saving lives, and protecting the public.

The point is that in an era when austerity is the watchword, you should be reassured that your local police can still deliver for you and the wider public. I say this because we have had in recent weeks, examples of members of the public NOT contacting the Police in circumstances when we would absolutely want them too. For example, when a couple had their front door attacked repeatedly, they waited until the day after to tell us, even though they were in fear inside. When you do call us, we act: as I write this all of my early turn Neighbourhood Officers are out arresting local men for burglaries of sheds and garages based on information from the community.

The response team and the tutor unit are following up on the arrest of a local thief who breaks into cars and whose arrest was prompted by a member of the public reporting a suspicious act to us. Suspicious acts are our golden opportunities to catch people at it or even better, before they commit offences.

We have seen success from the deployment of dedicated resources to reports of domestic violence, with an increase in arrests and the use of Domestic Violence Protection Notices has risen, to keep perpetrators of domestic abuse away from victims. These powers are crucial in giving victims time and space to get advice and support so that they can make an informed decision about their future.

We have taken action on Susans Road to protect the community from a premises that was a magnet for disorder and drug use. As a consequence of reports from members of the public, the Neighbourhood Policing Team in the town worked to collate evidence to close The American Street Wear Shop. This was the first closure of its kind in Sussex that was made under the new ASB legislation. The officers were innovative in their approach to addressing this problem worked with Eastbourne Borough Council colleagues to ensure that the closure was a success, so you can be reassured we are very busy working to keep you safe.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Regards, Steve Biglands,