Police give assurance after Seaford knife drama

Raymond Close, Seaford
Raymond Close, Seaford

POLICE raced to the scene of a neighbourhood in Seaford after a report of people threatening to stab each other.

Officers attended Raymond Close within minutes and spoke to a group of youths at the location of the alleged disturbance.

A caller told officers that they heard one or both parties making threats but did not indicate whether they had seen a knife.

After speaking to the group police were told that no allegations had been made and no apparent offences had taken place. No arrests were made and the youths were then told to make their way home. Police are keen to reassure the public that no one was found in possession of any weapon.

Speaking of the incident, which took place at around 7.30pm on Friday February 17, Seaford sergeant Chris Wright said, “Police always take calls regarding a reported disturbance seriously, particularly if there is any mention of any weapons.

“On this occasion no one was found to be in possession of a weapon.

“Whilst the mention of knifes causes concern it would appear on this occasion this was merely a threat as opposed to any intent of someone using a weapon.

“Police would like to reassure the public that it’s rare that any weapon would be used in a disturbance of this nature.”