Police give advice and crime in Arlington

Wealden Neighbourhood Policing Team spent a day in Arlington providing crime prevention advice and property-marking items of value for residents.

A police spokesman said, “We visited 106 properties, conducting a crime prevention assessments for 46 residents.

“We marked 63 Items of property, and added 23 people onto our community messaging system, keeping them up to date on future events and issues.

“Operation Creosote is part of a much wider initiative by Wealden Police aimed at keeping people in Wealden safe.

Crime continues to remain very low in Wealden but the fear of crime is something we strive to tackle as well. Creosote gives peace of mind to people, safeguarding items of value and giving advice to those who need it. This latest round of visits shows how our rural areas get the same level of service as some of our more populated ones.”