Police discover cannabis in small industrial unit

The industrial unit where the cannabis was found
The industrial unit where the cannabis was found

POLICE seized £34,000 worth of drugs from a cannabis factory in Eastbourne after residents noticed a herbal smell seeping from the building.

Officers found 170 plants in an industrial unit owned by Apply Tingly Commercial in the Glennys Estate, Latimer Road. A 53-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman from Eastbourne were arrested in connection with the drug production and bailed until February 18.

Police suspicions were confirmed when they smelled the drug’s pungent fumes coming from beneath the grill of block C. They broke open the door at 8.45am on Friday (December 10) to find two units producing cannabis.

Sergeant Julian Williams said, “A member of the public said they could smell it in the air and officers came down with a warrant. I could smell the cannabis so I knew there was some inside.

“Some plants have already been harvested - others plucked and drying.”

The factory, next to Partners Tea & Coffee Limited, was dismantled and impounded by police.

Walter Smith, of the British Red Cross medical loan department, also on the estate, said, “That unit was taken over three months ago but I have never seen anyone there. There have always been two vans parked outside.”

Det Insp Paul Phelps said, “I thank the local community for their zero tolerance approach to the cultivation and distribution of illegal drugs. Thanks to their information officers were able to enter the property under the Misuse of Drugs Act and swiftly arrest two people.”

It was the second cannabis raid in a week. On Monday, December 6, police seized around 300 plants from Green Street Industrial Estate in Old Town with a street value of £60,000. Some plants had been dried out ready for distribution while others were still being grown. No arrests have been yet been made.