Police appeal after blood found outside headquarters

The blood was spattered on the steps at 37 Church Street in Seaford.
The blood was spattered on the steps at 37 Church Street in Seaford.

POLICE are appealing for information after blood was left spattered outside its headquarters in Seaford on Friday.

Officers were alerted by staff inside the building at 37 Church Street and have been trying to find out the circumstances behind it.

It is not known if the blood came from a person who was badly injured and had come to the police station to use the phone outside. Any calls on the phone go through to the control room at the Lewes HQ.

Acting Seaford Sergeant Chris Wright said, “It would appear that someone may have come here to use the office phone but nothing was phoned through to us.

“It might be that a person put their hand through a window but there’s been no reports of anything damaged and it’s bit of a mystery.”

The area outside the building was cordoned off on Friday morning and later removed after the steps were cleaned.

A spokesperson for South East Coast Ambulance Service said they were not called out to any incidents in Church Street overnight on Thursday.

Sgt Wright added, “I’m sure if there had been a nasty incident of any nature I’m sure we would have been called by the public. I would ask if anyone knows anything to call us.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.