Mum urges friends of criminals to tell police following burglary

Gemma Brogan with her children
Gemma Brogan with her children

A SINGLE mum-of-four who was burgled this week is appealing to the family and friends of the criminals to tell the police.

Gemma Brogan had her home in St Philips Avenue burgled on Monday (October 10) and the family lost nearly all their electrical equipment, the children’s pocket money and had their home ransacked.

The criminals also brought dog muck from the garden in to the house and ripped some of Gemma’s clothes.

Gemma, her 10-year-old son Jordan, Callum, seven, Kyle, six and five-year-old Lauren have been left upset by the incident and have no way of replacing the items or repairing the broken window in their home.

The 30-year-old said, “When I became a single mum, I stopped the house insurance as a way of saving money.”

The family has lost two laptops, two hand-held games consoles, cash from the children’s money boxes, jewellery and an MP3 player.

The theft of the items has hit the family hard because Kyle has learning difficulties and uses programs on the computer to help with his development and learning.

But it is not just the family that will suffer from the burglary because Gemma runs the Little Gems dance club and the MP3 player which was stolen contained all the tracks the youngsters dance to.

She said, “I run the club for people who can’t afford the rates of the bigger dance schools. I try to help the kids and it keeps them off the streets.

“They will be affected by this too, it is not just my children who are going to suffer.”

Gemma says she and her children were upset by the incident and are still scared the criminals will come back.

She said, “I have had to wash all my clothes because they had broken my wardrobe and been through everything and it felt horrible. My daughter has got some of my old make-up and they had thrown that all over her bed while trying to look for money and other valuable things.

“My son doesn’t understand why someone would steal his pocket money and my other son had his birthday on Saturday but he now can’t use his birthday present because it needs to be charged up by a laptop.

“We are all scared and I am having trouble sleeping at night.”

Gemma’s home was broken into between 9am and 1pm and she hopes someone will come forward with information for the police investigation.

She said, “If you are this person’s mum or friends and you know that have done it, then please turn them in.”

She is also appealing to anyone who has an unwanted laptop or MP3 player they could donate to the family.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0845 60 70 999, quoting serial 0745 of October 10.