Missing prisoner in town centre

A MAN who failed to return to the open prison where he is serving a sentence will now serve extra time behind bars.

Shane St Pierre, who had ‘been at large’ for five days, was found in Gildredge Road in Eastbourne on Monday, June 11, and taken back into custody.

On Tuesday the 46-year-old appeared at Eastbourne Magistrates Court where prosecutor Jeremy King explained the defendant had been released from prison on June 7 to attend a hospital appointment but had left the hospital in Brighton prior to his appointment.

Staff at the Sussex prison were notified and despite requesting St Pierre to return he failed to do so and was picked up in Eastbourne town centre on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to failing to return to prison following temporary release.

Robert Gregory, defending, said his client had previously suffered a heart attack and was going to the hospital regarding an ongoing heart condition.

He added, “He’s entered a guilty plea and knows a custody sentence will be forthcoming. He tells me the warrant he was issued was at June 8 at 3.45pm.

“He attended at the hospital but there was no record of him. He went to meet with his mother and girlfriend.

“His mother is rather upset at this time because of how long he has been incarcerated and his girlfriend’s mother died some eight weeks ago and he could not attend the funeral.

“He used the time he was away from prison to support his partner and to the extent of scattering her mother’s ashes on Sunday.

Talking of the arrest he added, “There was no animosity by the police or St Pierre.

“He was very calm with officers. He was arrested no resist or difficulties.

“His expected release date is on March 13, 2013. I feel any sentence should be commensurate to time he was away from custody.”

Magistrates sentenced St Pierre to 14 days in prison to run consecutively.