Man used colleague’s ID to steal copper wire

A 24-YEAR-OLD man stole a colleague’s identity to thieve more than £15,000 worth of copper cable from his employer.

Luke Dummer, of The Portlands, Eastbourne, assumed the name of a fellow EDF Energy worker in Bristol to make off with the cable on a weekly basis over five months.

The court heard that Dummer had gone to City Electrical Factors, where EDF gets its materials, and stole £15,385 worth of copper wire between June 23 and November 30.

The energy company noticed the regular and sizeable invoices and investigated.

When City Electrical Factors in Eastbourne gave Dummer’s description to EDF the game was up.

Dummer admitted to taking the cable during a police interview and pleaded guilty to the theft on March 25.

He had been stripping the cable and selling the copper to try and rescue himself from alleged financial peril.

He claims to have been burgled and was using the cash he had made, which he said was around £1,500, to pay off his debts.

At Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on Friday, April 1, he said, “That was the only reason why I did it.

“It wasn’t planned, I did it off the top of my head and I didn’t think I could get out of it any other way.”

Magistrates gave him an 18-week suspended sentence, 150 hours unpaid work, fined him £85 but did not order him to compensate EDF.

Presiding magistrate Philip Ayers said, “You have learned the very hard way that crime doesn’t pay.”