Man pleads guilty to swearing at officer

SWEARING at a police officer in the street has ended in court for a 31-year-old Eastbourne man.

Jamie Field, of Biddenden Close, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Friday (August 19) and pleaded guilty to causing harassment, alarm or distress on August 5.

The court heard a police officer had spotted Field having an altercation with another man. The officer said the two men were squaring-up to each other so he intervened. Because the police officer was alone he had his captor spray to hand and Field started to become abusive towards the officer.

The defendant was swearing and goading the police officer to spray him.

Justin Rivett, defending, said, “He wanted to walk away and he wasn’t under arrest at that point and hadn’t sworn at the officer. He tried to walk away and the officer told him to stop and that is when he started to shout at the officer.

“He is ashamed in the cold light of day of what he did and what he said.

“There is no excuse for what he said to the officer.”

Mr Rivett said Field was attending an outreach centre and was currently involved in a photography project. He said he hoped to study photography at college in the future.

Magistrates imposed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered Field to pay £85 in court costs.