Man pinned pregnant partner to the floor

A HEAVILY pregnant woman was attacked by her partner while her 12-year-old son shouted for the assault to stop, a court has heard.

Gary Porteous, of The Piazza, Eastbourne, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Monday (August 15) and pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner who was eight months pregnant with his child.

He also admitted criminal damage after throwing a plant pot through a window. Both offences took place on June 24.

The court heard unemployed Porteous had argued with his partner of more than two years, after she came home from work and found he had not done the washing-up.

She also believed he had been drinking and criticised him for not pulling his weight.

He left the house but then returned home with a bottle of wine and said he was leaving. Porteous started packing his belongings, including the television and lamps.

Prosecutor Claire Prodger told magistrates Porteous had grabbed his partner by her clothes and pushed her to the ground.

He held her there for around five seconds before her young son came in and shouted, “Gary, get off mum.”

The bench was told she fell on the staircase and sustained a graze when she hit her elbow.

Porteous let his pregnant partner go and she locked him out of the house. She then ignored his knocking until she heard a crash and saw he had thrown a plant pot through the window of the front door.

The court heard Porteous had a previous conviction for assault on the same victim back in October 2009.

Maxine Buck, defending, said Poteous’s partner had recently given birth to their daughter and her client’s bail conditions had been lifted so he could be present at the birth. She said the couple were still living apart but had reconciled and it was hoped he would move back to the family home within the next six months.

Miss Buck said, “He is very sorry for what has happened and has worked very hard to turn things around.

“He has sought help for underlying mental health problems and has also abstained from alcohol for in excess of 20 days now.”

Miss Buck also told magistrates Porteous was on mood stabilisers and explained there was hope of employment once he was well.

Magistrates imposed a two-year community order with a supervision requirement and 27 sessions on a domestic abuse programme. He was also ordered to pay £85 in court costs.