Man jailed for sending Valentine’s card to ex

A 47-YEAR-OLD man who left a Valentine’s card on his ex-partner’s car has been sent to prison.

Simon Rhoades, of Upper Avenue, Eastbourne, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Tuesday afternoon (February 21) after repeatedly breaching a restraining order.

He admitted the five breaches and accepted he was in breach of a suspended sentence which was imposed for harassing the same woman.

The court heard Rhoades had been in a relationship with the victim and she had taken a restraining order out against him after their split.

However, Rhoades failed to comply with the order and kept confessing his love for the woman.

He contacted her on five occasions between February 11 and 17. Rhoades went to her house, approached her in the street, put a Valentine’s card and love letter on her car windscreen on February 14 and then called out to her when he saw her in the street.

He also left a voicemail on her mobile phone saying he wanted to be friends.

Rhoades was arrested for the breaches and when he appeared in court, the probation service said he had complied with his orders and unpaid work requirements but failed to see why he shouldn’t contact his ex-partner.

Jay Shah, defending, said, “He says he has been contacted by her and for the wrong reason he has thought that contact was acceptable.

“He is saying he was misled by her and thought she wanted contact and wanted to be friends.

“He wasn’t getting the message and the complainant was encouraging the situation.”

Magistrates activated his suspended sentence and gave custodial sentences for the offences.

He was given a total of 36 weeks behind bars.

Rhoades became disruptive and abusive while magistrates were sentencing him and had to be taken back down to the cells.

He was unaware of his full prison sentence and magistrates continued in his absence because he was not calm enough to be brought back up to the dock.