Man in court for sending abusive texts

A HUSBAND in the middle of a messy divorce bombarded his ex with abusive and threatening text messages.

Kevin Jenner admitted harassing his estranged wife Elaine Jenner when he appeared at Eastbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday but he will have to wait until October 4 to find out his punishment after magistrates adjourned for a report.

Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said the 45-year-old, from Marine Road, had not only been pestering his former partner over the phone but had even turned up outside the DGH where she works in the pharmacy.

He added, “From July throughout the summer there was a plethora of unwanted texts from him including quite a few that were abusive. There were more than 50 texts in all.”

One of the messages which were read out in court included threats against Mrs Jenner and her mother.

It said, “You know me. You need to get out of Eastbourne. I have nothing to lose. I am coming after you and then your mum. I am deadly serious. I am going to ruin you.”

Another said, “I am after you and I will not give up.”

Justin Rivett, defending, claimed Jenner had merely been trying to contact her over moving the separation forward.

He said, “His wife has never actually done anything about getting divorced. He wanted to give her their marriage certificate, draw a line under things and move on with his life. He now knows where he stands.”

Jenner was released on bail but told not to contact his wife, unless through a solicitor, or her mother or close friend.

He was also ordered not to go to the pharmacy at the DGH.